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Welcome to Paphos' largest fitness center; a place where we constantly try to find new and exciting ways in making fitness fun!

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Tue (08:00, 19:30) Wed (19:00) Thu (19:30) Fri (19:00)
Mon (09:30), Wed (09:30), Fri (09:30)
Mon (15:30, 16:30), Thu (15:30, 16:30)
Wed (17:30)
Mon (18:00) Tue (10:30) Wed (18:00) Thu (10:30)
Tue (17:30) Fri (19:30)

poseidonio group classes

Improve your lifestyle and well-being

In Poseidonio we offer customized exercise programs for weight loss, strength training and healthier nutritional advises that will improve your lifestyle and well-being.
  • Gym fitness program design
  • Postural assessments
  • Body measurements tracking
  • Nutritional & dietitian consultation
  • Continuous supervision

Featured spa therapy

Bowen technique

The Bowen Technique is a remedial physical therapy for the treatment of physical and organic conditions. Bowen can be used to good effect on general injuries or as a tool for injury prevention.

Featured video

Fight Do by Radical Fitness

Fight Do is not like any other martial arts to music program! This program allows a beginner to walk into a class and pick up simple moves designed into simple routines.