Aqua Aerobics

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60 Minutes
Availability : Monday (09:30), Wednesday (09:30), Friday (09:30)

Burn calories safely with the most natural strength training equipment; water’s natural resistance. A popular program with aerobics exercises in Poseidonio’s indoor pool. Join us today and enjoy the benefits of exercising in a pool.




  • Water Support
  • Greater Range of Motion
  • Total Body Workout
  • Low-impact Exercises
  • Fun Exercises
What to Expect

Aqua Aerobics is a great way to shape up whilst supporting your joints and muscles. Classes contain similar movements to land aerobics, but rather than standing on a mat getting hot and sticky, you work out in shallow, chest-deep water. So not only is it a fun way to shape up, but the water supports 90% of your body weight as you do it, making it gentle and painless.

Aqua Aerobics is quite simply for everyone, all ages and all fitness levels. As the water improves strength and mobility, it is highly recommended to help with arthritis and obesity, as well as being an ideal way to ease back into exercise after an injury. The constant cooling effect of the water means you’ll feel fresh throughout, which has a lovely stress-relieving effect. Classes are a fun way of keeping fit and flexible. If you can’t swim, you won’t have to worry about getting out of your depth as the water will only come to chest height, and there’s usually a lifeguard keeping an eye out for trouble.